It’s the summer festival season, so ditch the driving and the over-crowded trains. We're the perfect transport solution for groups travelling to Creamfields from Lancaster and the surrounding Lancashire and Cumbria area


Who doesn’t love a bloody good festival?

Bluetooth Sound Systems

Alcohol Allowed

Door-to-Door Service

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As festival lovers ourselves, we know only too well how awkward organising the transport can be, especially coming home. To ease that pain, we specialise in group minibus transport to Creamfields, as well as all UK festivals from BlLancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and beyond. Our extensive minibus fleet can cover any group size, and our 16 seater buses come with fun and reliable drivers who will make sure your journey runs smoothly. 8, 12, and 14 seaters are also available.

All of our buses come equipped with a Bluetooth sound system for your enjoyment, so you can set the festival playlist for the journey. We also allow alcohol on board, so your festival experience begins early!

If you’re expecting to travel to Creamfields festival with a lot of luggage, which is to be expected, we have the solution. Clothes, tents, food and alcohol. We can provide a safe and secure trailer for the journey, offering you a little more space for the trip.

We’ve built a bespoke quoting system that takes all of your journey’s factors into consideration, resulting in you receiving our most cost effective price. For an instant and accurate quote, you can fill in the quote form at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our team. They’re always on hand and ready to help with anything you may need.

The lovely Ray was our driver. He was absolutely brilliant on our journey to and from Liverpool for my birthday. Will defo be using again. Communication between them and myself was brilliant. Cant fault at all xx- Lindsey Siddall
Provided a transfer for a group of us at the last minute and made it so easy! Great price too.- Joanna Keetley
Parker was a fantastic driver! Allowed us to have music playing and let us plug our Bluetooth in to listen to music. Thanks Parker.- Vikki Croft

Common FAQs for Creamfields

Can we have a drink and listen to music on the way?

Yes, of course. You can drink alcohol on board and all of our buses have Bluetooth speakers that you can connect your own music to… the playlist to your journey is yours. All we ask is that you try to keep the minibus tidy and respect the driver.

How will the driver find us when picking up?

Please make suitable arrangements with the driver when dropping off. Usually it’s not too difficult to spot our minibuses in the designated pick-up areas at festivals, but please make sure someone has mobile phone battery to contact the driver, just in case. Please note, we can’t guarantee the exact pick-up time you request at festivals as traffic is often very heavy and unpredictable.

How does it work with pick-ups/drop-offs?

We can do as many pick-ups and drop-offs as you require, and this will be factored into the price we provide if disclosed. If extra pick-ups or drop-offs are added on the journey itself, whether these can happen and at what cost will be at the discretion of the driver as they may have another job straight after, be prevented by driving laws or the distance may require an additional cost.

We are going to a festival, how much luggage can we take?

Without a trailer the most people we can take with festival luggage is 10, if you are packing fairly light. With a trailer we can take up to 14. Unless you are a smaller group we ask you not to bring trolleys as these are very bulky.

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