Heysham Minibus Transport

Servicing Heysham and the surrounding area

As our name suggests, we’re a Lancaster based company offering minibus hire for groups in the North West of England and beyond. We service Heysham and the surrounding Lancashire area, so whether you’re looking for transport to or from Heysham, we’ve got you covered.

We provide return minibus transport for 8-16 passengers, complete with a friendly and helpful driver and a Bluetooth sound system… perfect for large families and groups that need to get around the UK. And for larger groups, speak to us about booking multiple buses as we have a large fleet to accommodate even the largest of party’s.

We’re often cheaper than the train, take you door to door, and at times that suit you… plus we’re much more fun? You can even get an instant quote online 24 hours a day for most journeys.

Heysham, Morecambe, Sandylands or anywhere else. Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, we’re the transport team you can trust.

Minibus hire in Heysham and across the rest of Lancashire and the North West

Clean and Comfortable Transport Options

  • Hen do passengers ready to enjoy their trip on a 16 seater with Lancaster Minibuses
    Hen Parties
  • 16 seater Lancaster Minibuses minibus – The perfect transport option for all of your travelling needs
    Weekends Away
  • Passengers ready to enjoy their night out on a 16 seater with Lancaster Minibuses
    Nights Out
  • Corporate work and business transport minibuses for companies of all sizes
    Company Travel
  • Young group of lads ready to enjoy their trip on a 16 seater with Lancaster Minibuses
    Stag Parties
  • 16 seater Lancaster Minibuses minibus – The perfect transport solution for all group tours and day trips.
    Day Trips
  • Festival transport for small and large groups. The perfect solution to carry you and all of your luggage in style
    Festival Travel
  • Ladies Day at the races – A group ready to enjoy their trip on a 16 seater with Lancaster Minibuses
    Race Days

Common FAQs

Do you have a party bus?

We don’t, but all of our buses have a Bluetooth sound system and we allow alcohol on board so we are a great way to get your party started. Our minibuses are a much cheaper alternative to a party bus, so you can spend your budget on activities and a better night out instead!

How far will you travel?

We will take you anywhere in the country, so just give us a call or try our online booking system to receive an instant quote.

How does it work with pick-ups/drop-offs?

One pick-up location and one drop-off location is included in the price. If you need multiple drop-offs, whether close to home or along the journey, please let us know in advance as we may need to add a little extra to the price to cover the extra distance.

What is classed as a return journey?

A return journey is effectively any two one-way journeys booked at the same time. This could be an hour later for a wedding ceremony, the end of the night for a Christmas party, or a week later for a return trip to the train station for example. It doesn’t matter when, as long as both legs are booked at the same time.

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